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A relaxing vacation is indeed what we all desire, don’t we? Come to Dream World in Bangkok, an amusement park that is similar to Disneyland having water rides, slides, love gardens, lakes, photographic zones, great snacks, snow park, entertainment show and much more without the long lines and atrocious wait times. The Dream World was known as Dennermit. It is located at the outskirts of Bangkok which is less than an hour away if you travel with a taxi. It is a great vacation spot that has many wonderful experiences for everyone. From youngsters to oldies, it has a place and a party for all ages in its different zones. If you want to have good quality fun-time with your family, friends, kids, parents or partners then book tickets to the amazing Dream World rides Bangkok. Try the rides in dream world Bangkok to get the most out of the best from your vacation. It is a chance to have a magnificent time off from your daily mundane routine to check out the rides in Dream World Bangkok such as the Sky coaster, Hurricane, etc. The Dream World is spread over in many zones that include as many as 40 rides along with extravagant frolicking allowed all over the park region. The themed zones each have their own aesthetics and similarity associated rides. So come on and hop on to the fancy ride to Dream World and also visit some of the top attractions near Dream World Bangkok.

Rides In Dream World Bangkok

There are many zones and rides in dream world Bangkok to check out that are all over in the park area. There are plenty of zones, the ones that you mustn’t miss are the Dream Land Plaza, the Dream Garden, Fantasy Land and the Adventure Land as they have the best experience to offer to their visitor.Upon arrival to rides in dream world Bangkok , you can find - many appealing rides, entertainment shows including animal shows and many Hollywood shows which are 20 to 25 minutes long along with more exciting activities to take part in the dream world rides Bangkok.

Snow Town

Build a snowman, ride a sleigh, take an epic photo with a mammoth, conquer a snow covered hill, sit inside an igloo, all these experiences and more awaits you in the Snow Town. Dream World Bangkok rides are available in the package for Snow town so get your tickets for the year around wintery Snow Town!


Tornado as the name suggests, elevates you at a height of about a 7 storey tall building all the while swinging you at the speed of 75 km/hr as it spins. If that doesn’t not scream a thrilling experience then what else will. Height, speed and spinning motion, a trio very much preferred by any thrill seeker. This is a ride you must absolutely not miss.

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Dream World Bangkok rides offer another adrenaline infused ride aptly named the Hurricane. It takes one up to 20 m high before it starts its summersaults for the riders. It is better to go on this ride before snacking as the motion may cause some unpleasantness to people with sensitive constitution.

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Sky Coaster

Sky coaster is a ride for the adventuring adults. It is unlike any other roller coaster you will ever ride. The seats for the riders are suspended in the air giving a feeling of hanging in mid air to the riders. The amazing Sky coaster maneuvers as a roller coaster that bobs and weaves along a thrilling twisting fun filled path. There is no box car for sitting like traditional roller coasters to come between you and the thrill of the ride. The Sky coaster really gives you a feeling of being rushed through the air with wind whipping up your hair while you are suspended which just adds to the adrenaline rush for the rider.

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Ride a Viking raider ship as it goes through a to and fro motion of the sea giving you a feel of how Vikings felt cresting mighty waves as they sailed the seas. As the ride slowly builds up speed, initially it may seem slow to some, it rapidly builds up to higher speed from where you will feel as if the sky is just a tiny bit away from your reach as it takes you higher and higher up in the sky. So raise your hands, let go of the fear and enjoy the Vikings ride at Dream World Bangkok.

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Grand Canyon

A water ride was just the need of the hour for the sweltering Bangkok weather. Nothing better on a hot summer day like a raft that takes you on a water ride sliding through the twisting, turning waterways as it reaches its destination. It is a given that you will get drenched on this ride from all the water around you so make sure you keep your phones and important items in a waterproof bag. Apart from that experience the fun as your raft bumps along the thrilling stream of the Grand Canyon Ride.

Super Splash

It is what the name says, a super splash of water covers you as you reach the of the ride. The start is where the ride slowly takes you higher and drops you down in the shimmering pool of water waiting for you at the bottom of the hill. It splashes a huge wall of water over you to feel the excitement as you land down and reach the completion of the whole ride.

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Water Fun

This is for the little bundles of energy we call kids. This is basically any park that you may have taken your kids to but the Dream World Bangkok rides levels it up by making a water park that has all the swings, the slides and everything exciting with water. It is not fully covered with water but it is safe to go with your children in this section of the park.

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Dream World Bangkok rides offer another excitement filled thrill. The raptor will be taking you for a ride that will keep you wanting more. There is a disc like swing having seats inside; the disc will revolve at speed to give you a fantastic joyful feeling of refreshed senses. Make sure you are not easily prone to vertigos for such boisterous rides.

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Bump Car

It is the goofiest thing to do in the Dream World. Challenge your friends to come and join the giggling fun of bumping in each other’s car and add the fun to the party. It is one of the sections for both the kids and the grownup. Let no car go untouched as you bump your way through the whole floor of other bumper cars.

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Giant’s House

Ever seen those movies where tiny creatures explore houses and cause chaos? Well, in the Giant’s House, you are the tiny being but not to cause chaos, rather to enjoy the feeling of being in a giant’s big house. Everything is ten times bigger for you to explore and take funky photos while exploring them. A Completely surreal experience.

4D Adventure

There is a different type of excitement to be a part of a 3d movie. This is just the thing you need to be a part of a movie that is 3D with special effects and exciting stories. With mist of water and shaking moving seats all tied into the movie will make you feel like being a part of the narrative itself. Dream World Bangkok rides give access to the shows for anyone looking to have some extra fun on their trip.

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Haunted Mansion

Sometimes thrills are not only in adventure rides, they can come in the shape of a haunted mansion tour with friends as some spooky surprise ghost scares you while your friend laughs at you in the background. It has a number of scary setups and occasional ghosts popping out from corners at the most unexpected times. This is just a fun way of enjoying some hearty laughs on account of some easily spooked friends and company.

Sightseeing Train

Sit on a train and relax while you are passing through the beautiful scenery. The train follows the path that leads to many colorful sights, vibrant parks, caves, etc giving you a tour while you relax. The train is a very exciting journey for small children.


There is an Alien onboard and you are in the ship where the alien is hiding. Does that sound Exciting? If you think so then Dream World Alien is the place you are looking for. It is a theater where you get to be a part of the entire “alien is on the ship” scenario with all the light effects creating a realistic look and noises to give a realistic feel. Watch out for the alien lest you be found by it.

Black Hole Coaster

If traveling in space is one of your fantasies, then come for the black hole coaster at the Dream World Bangkok rides as it takes one through a tube of neon lights and then darkness alternating in a random pattern. The feel of falling through and traveling through a black hole is what this roller coaster delivers for the people who like some sci-fi thrill.

Cable Car

Cable car rides are just a fit for all. Gaze along with the beautiful sceneries as you move past slowly in a cable car fully soaking in the beauty and the love from Thailand’s charming allure. Cable car rides are one of the rides that are mostly taken by many.

Antique Car

Some things get better as they age. The excitement of sitting in some antique car while you go through many areas of the park is another perk of coming to the rides in Dream world Bangkok. The antique car ride offers a peaceful experience.


Again, it gives one a view of the park and some rides while you go from one part of the park to another sitting on a ride. You can go over the super plash and thunderbird, etc other rides to fully observe what gives the joy when you are in the rides. Watch other people going through the rides from a bird’s eye view through this ride.

Speedy Mouse

A ride that offers speed and some thrills for all ages in the Dream world rides menu. It is not too long of a ride, so there is no need to worry as you can get off anytime you want. It is a tremendously enjoyable ride and one which no one should miss.


A ride that takes you in circles in an up and down motion. Choose who sits against you to have most of the fun as you can pretend to hunt them down as the speed escalates giving you a feeling of being in pursuit.

Animal Farm

One of the attractions where many species of exotic birds as well as some fascinating creatures all around in the farm await to be explored and appreciated by you. Experience the beauty of nature and the fun of interacting with friendly animals as you go through the Animal Farm. Dream World Bangkok rides are an open door to explore much more than amazing rides and amusement.

Flying Fish

The many vibrantly coloured fish are the swings here. They give your child a carefully moderated slow ride that circles in the same place for the kids to watch their environment as they swing through the air gently.


This is again a ride for the smaller kids as they are enjoying the ride at a moderate pace. There are many small cars that take the route on a track laid for them from one end to the other at a gentle pace.

Indian Boat

Enjoy a boating session in the dream world rides Bangkok, where you learn to sail through the wavering water in a ride. Tame the tides as you sail past the other boats in the Indian Boat ride in dream world, is sure to give you a great fun experience.

Crazy Bus

Are you always in a hurry to catch a bus? Well, come catch a bus in the air at the Dream World Bangkok ride. The ease of taking a bus in the air is just something you only go for in an amusement site. These bus riders in the air ride will get a wholly different vision from the normal bus rides.

Go Kart

Name anyone who would not want to Go Kart at the Dream World Bangkok. This is not only exciting but also a great escapade for exiting weekdays of stress and chore out of your body and mind in a healthy and energetic manner. Race through the tight twists and turns while leaving your competitors in dust.

Bump Boat

Imagine bumping a car but in water and with boats. Come to rides in dream world Bangkok to bump boats with your peers for an amazing time. The ride is safe and pleasurable as the boats are steered with a steering wheel that is easy to control. With such ease, have a great evening of fun of bumping into your friends boats in the dream world rides Bangkok.

Bicycle Boat

If you want to have a stroll through the waters while getting a leg exercise then this ride is for you. You can go at a pleasant pace or as you like for the ride. It is recommended for all age groups to try the ride at the park.

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What are the best rides for the children in Dream World Bangkok?

The best rides for children are the Super Splash, Bump car, Vikings, Water fun, Sightseeing Train, Cable Care, Antique Car, speedy Mouse, Thunderbird, Flying Fish, etc as they are some of the top pick for a better experience for all.

What are the best rides to enjoy with family and friends?

The best rides to enjoy with family and friends are the Super splash, Tornado, Bump car, Go Kart, and other family friendly activities to do.

What are the most thrilling rides in Dream World Bangkok?

The most thrilling rides in the Dream World Bangkok are the Grand Canyon, Sky Coaster, Go Kart, Tornado, Hurricane, Bump car, Vikings, etc.

What safety measures are in place at Dream World Bangkok?

Travelers 12-17 years of age traveling to Thailand under the TEST & GO entry scheme or the Sandbox programme are, if unaccompanied, then they have to get vaccinated with at least one dose of an approved vaccine. Those traveling with parents are exempt from this requirement. All travelers, except those under 6 years of age, must have a Medical Certificate with an RT-PCR lab result indicating that COVID-19 is not detected, to be issued no more than 72 hours before traveling.

What is the temperature inside a snow town?

In the Snow town, the normal temperature is minus eight degrees. It is for the full effect of a snowy hill station.

How far is Dreamworld from Bangkok?

It is approximately 40 to 44 km from Bangkok. What means of transport is chosen also helps in reaching the Dream World Bangkok.


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